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Internet Access


Internet access in the UK has increased greatly in the last few years, with reduced costs, and with the increased availability of broad band services.

In the second quarter of 2004, 52 per cent of households in the UK (12.8 million) could access the Internet from home, compared with just 9 per cent (2.2 million) in the same quarter of 1998.

According to the Telecom Markets Broadband Subscriber Database (BSD), the number of people in the UK who subscribe to a broadband service has now surpassed the 5million mark.

We offer both Free Dial up service or High Speed broadband packages to suite both Home users and Business.

BroadBand Price comparison:

Our Broadband
512Kbps Connection
£18.99 per month
512Kbps Connection
£24.99 per month
saving you
per year
512Kbps Connection
£24.99 per month
saving you
per year
512Kbps Connection
£26.99 per month
saving you
per year


Go online for as little as 1p a minute (Dial up)

Our Dial up service gives you fast, reliable,
pay-as-you-go internet access. Free to set up, easy to use, and you don't even need a BT phone line.
click here for full details

What Is Broadband?

Broadband is high speed Internet access. It enables you to use the phone and the Internet at the same time, without the need for an additional phone line. Broadband is a faster way to connect your computer or computers to the Internet at ten times the speed or more than a normal connection.

Broadband services are 'always-on', which means there's no need to dial-up to the Internet or log off once you've finished surfing. So your e-mails appear immediately without having to log on first.

Using broadband you can access the Internet more quickly and use services that require streaming content (e.g. Internet radio or video etc).

Broadband Access:

We also offer High speed, always-on internet, with no limits, time or bandwidth designed for however you choose to use the internet at least 10 x the speed of dialup.

Latest News:

No Limits high speed 512 broadband access only £18.99 p/m



High Speed Broadband

No Download Limits




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